SPIN Play making an appearance at SXSW

SPIN Play made an inaugural appearance at SXSW! Our customizable VR media player is a component of SPIN Studio – Pixvana’s cloud platform for VR video creation and delivery – that delivers secure, reliable playback to your audience.

Seattle design agency Killer Infographics hosted a booth at the SXSW Interactive Festival from March 12-14. We hooked them up with SPIN Play, which they utilized to demo some of their recent computer-generated virtual reality projects.

We sat down with Amy Balliett, Killer Infographics Co-Founder and CEO, to check in about their experience at the festival with SPIN Play.

Pixvana: We love that the Killer Infographics team is diving into VR! What type of content will you be creating for clients?

Amy: We see the application for VR in visual communication working in a few different ways. To begin, we think that VR explainer videos will go a long way for clients hoping to show off their products or services in new and unique ways. At SXSW, we showcased 3 virtual reality motion graphics, 2 of which were VR explainer videos. We also think that VR infographics will grow in demand in the near future. This is because stepping into a data set to truly see scale has the ability to make data visualizations far more impactful. Finally, about 50% of the work we do is for HR and management teams at Fortune 500 companies that are working to train their global employment base on new process changes. We think that this will be one of the most popular applications for VR in the world of visual communication. Imagine, for example, placing employees into a virtual work environment where they can run through problem solving scenarios. This would greatly reduce risk for employers, while growing engagement and understanding for employees.


Pixvana: What challenges did you encounter when searching for a player to demo VR content in your SXSW booth?

Amy: This is a great question! We wanted a VR player that allowed for simple actions (like hovering over a play button to get to/from a video), didn’t rely on a strong internet connection (because everyone is online at SXSW so the internet is never reliable), ensured the video playback was high quality, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We found that solutions ranged from free to $60,000! The $60,000 solution had less features and customization, which is crazy considering the price point. The options that were less than $5000 required a high speed internet connection, degraded the video quality, and often required that we put their branding throughout the experience. All other options were simply too cost prohibitive for us. We were delighted to be able to use SPIN Play instead. It met every single one of our needs, was 100% reliable, and didn’t even come close to breaking the bank.


Pixvana: How was your experience using SPIN Play to show off your work to the savvy SXSW crowd?

Amy: The experience was perfection! We actually had a number of people ask about the app and want to get in touch with Pixvana to use it. The resolution was crisp and perfect with quality beyond what we could have imagined. As the internet kept going down throughout the SXSW expo hall, we were one of the few VR stations still able to show off our work thanks to the local caching option for offline playback. The user experience was super easy to use and customize, which allowed us to create unique thumbnails and summaries for each video with ease. All in all, we could not have asked for anything better.

Our friends at Seattle visual communications company Killer Infographics brought SPIN Play along to SXSW, using our VR…

Posted by Pixvana on Friday, March 17, 2017

Killer Infographics works with companies and organizations to deliver content strategy, featuring visualizations that include annual reports, data visualization, interactive content, and motion graphics. We’ve experienced firsthand how awesome their work is: They created the iconic infographics of King Kong and other fantasy and sci-fi scenes, showcased in our Fremont office, that tell our company’s story through our mission, vision, and values.

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