SPIN Studio 2.0 and SPIN Studio Lite are now available!

Here at Pixvana we’ve been hard at work developing our next-generation XR platform destined to transform the way XR (VR, AR, X-Platform) experiences are created, edited, and shared around the world. After months of diligence, unwavering commitment, some sweat (and maybe even a few tears) we are thrilled to share with you our most exciting product news of the year: The launch of SPIN Studio 2.0 and SPIN Studio Lite, groundbreaking products that are bound to revolutionize the way work gets done across the XR industry.

SPIN Studio 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up and now offers our customers access the world’s best/fastest video-processing pipeline as well as a suite of new features customized for learning and development organizations. These features are designed to help organizations scale projects, measure employee engagement, and deploy 360 video content across headsets, laptops, and tablets at the highest resolution thanks to our cloud-powered technology. 

New features included in the release of SPIN Studio 2.0:

  • Browser upload pipeline
  • Support for ingest of content encoded with DNxHD and Cineform codecs
  • Thumbnails for multi-channel audio files featuring their waveforms
  • 5x faster on average video encoding automatically triggered upon upload
  • Higher quality content-aware encodes
  • 5.7k local downloads to max-out playable resolution on the Oculus Go
  • All encodings will be streamable on iOS devices via our web player

SPIN Content
There’s no one more excited about the new features in SPIN Studio 2.0 than me. But, there’re a few more features you’ll find “under the hood” that really get me revved up. Our platform has always harnessed the power of elastic, high-powered GPU farms to render data at fast speeds, but now it’s completely different story. SPIN Studio 2.0 can now render an astounding amount of data at blazing speeds — speeds of up to 10x faster than before! In addition, our platform is optimized for a seamless end-to-end workflow, processing raw camera sources uploaded directly in the browser and maintaining quality mezzanine files through media preparation of stitching, color correction, and so much more. This is going to be a game-changer!

Some other fun facts to note, especially for you creative-types out there. SPIN Studio 2.0 features our own proprietary 180° de-warping and compositing processes, and implements the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK to handle data-heavy 360° content. Each piece of content run through SPIN Studio 2.0 is rendered with multi-pass, content-specific encoding to optimize playback experience, highlighting the creative choices and project-specific functionality of each and every experience. 

But, wait there’s more. As our business and the XR industry has continued to evolve, we’ve been hearing buzz about an unaddressed need from many of our customers, creators, innovators and thought leaders out there. Something critical has been missing: The ability to quickly and easily share your VR media while maintaining the highest quality. Well, guess what? We’ve solved that problem.


Introducing SPIN Studio Lite

This is the newest product that will forever change the way you share your VR media. It’s been built by leveraging the powers of SPIN Studio 2.0, so you know it’s going to be good. Please take a moment and let me introduce you to SPIN Studio Lite, a slice of our full product suite that enables creators to share XR experiences with ease. The days of tediously sideloading content are a thing of the past; simply upload your media to the cloud and let us take care of the rest. The best part? It’s completely FREE.

Now, let’s take a look at how SPIN Studio Lite works: 

After uploading, your media will go through our cloud ingestion pipeline. We calculate the complexity of your content and automatically generate the ideal encoding for headset playback ( up to 5.7K). 

SPIN Encoding

Once that’s complete, you can send out a share key with the link to your content. It’s viewable on any Oculus headset, including the newly released Oculus Quest, as well as on desktop, tablet, or mobile using our brand new browser based player at spinxr.com.

Share Key SPIN Play

If you’re setting up an event, we have a couple solutions that will streamline the process. One is our “Autoplay” setting. Autoplay essentially sets up your headset in a hands-free kiosk mode. Content will begin playing after a 5 second countdown, and will cycle through an entire playlist. Additionally, if the user takes off the headset for more than 5 seconds, “Autoplay” will automatically restart from the beginning of the playlist. 

If you’d prefer to provide a more directed experience for your viewers, SPIN Guide is your best friend. Guided experiences allow you to control exactly what content is currently being displayed in the headset in real time. You can pause, change scenes, seek, or sync all viewers to the exact same point. In addition, you can monitor the status of each headset you are connected to, including battery level, current status, and the gaze of each viewer. 

SPIN Guide

By simplifying the process of showcasing your content, we’re confident that XR creators can continue to focus on building amazing experiences for the world to see. SPIN Studio Lite is the easiest way to share your highest quality content, and its available today.

XR: It’s our obsession

When building SPIN Studio Lite and SPIN Studio 2.0, our team of XR-obsessed experts collected feedback from XR creators and organizations fresh off their first implementation of XR. By listening to the stories of pioneers in the world of XR, we identified the wildest dreams and most frustrating pain points of real XR users to inform our approach for building the world’s next best XR platform for creating, editing and sharing immersive experiences around the world.

We’re confident that SPIN Studio Lite will reduce the headache that used to be associated with sharing XR content, and that SPIN Studio 2.0 will inspire and embolden XR-ready organizations with powerful end-to-end support.

To sign up for SPIN Studio Lite, visit https://pixvana.com/spin-lite. To learn more about SPIN Studio 2.0, visit https://pixvana.com/spin-studio.


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