Omnispherica Productions Debuts "Edge of the Sky" VR Video at Dance USA

Learn how OmniSpherica Productions is exhibiting virtual reality dance experiences at the annual Dance USA conference in Los Angeles with SPIN Studio VR Casting.

Omnispherica Productions Debuts “Edge of the Sky” VR Video at Dance USA

This week, the 2018 Dance USA Conference will feature a virtual reality session to showcase and provide hands-on experience with emerging VR technologies to over 500 dance professionals including executive directors, artistic directors, emerging arts leaders, artists, agents, company managers, presenters, development and marketing staff, and more.

VR is changing dance performance in the classroom, stage, and beyond. As more and more creators continue to explore new mediums for artistic expression, the intersection of VR and movement is proving to be a natural fit for expanding the way we experience the performing arts.

Founders of OmniSpherica Productions, Cecilia Weiss and Nick Gillet have partnered with the Clairobscur Dance Company to show a VR video called “Edge of the Sky” on the Oculus GO headset. The two-part experience offers a profound sense of depth, space, and immersion as the viewer explores the entire panorama of Stoney Point rock formation in Chatsworth, CA.

The first part is a fast-paced dance that moves all around the viewer, encouraging them to take full advantage of the 360-degrees. The second part was shot on a ledge of a sandstone cliff, testing the ensemble trust of the space and the dancers.

screen grab from "Edge of Sky" VR Video Production

To power their VR exhibition at Dance USA, they will be using Pixvana SPIN Studio’s VR Casting feature with Auto Play. VR Casting allows Nick and Cecilia to easily deliver downloadable videos to the Oculus Go headsets. Auto Play automatically launches videos in your SPIN from the moment a viewer puts on the headset. Removing the headset for more than 5 seconds will cause the playlist to start playing again from the beginning. Playback control on the headset and controllers is disabled in this mode. With automation, this removes the need to staff more volunteers to administer headsets and decreases the likelihood a viewer may accidentally exit out of the video experience.

“Through the power of VR and Pixvana technology, we’re able to deliver a deeply immersive experience that thrusts our audience into the moment of artistic expression,” Weiss said. “It’s an incredibly powerful medium for the dance community to explore. Nowhere else can audiences be brought up on stage and made part of the ensemble. It’s brought the artistry of dance closer to audiences in a very real and meaningful way.”

The virtual reality session will hosted at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance on Friday, June 8th during the break sessions throughout the morning. Click here for the event schedule.

About OmniSpherica Productions

Cecelia and Nick from OmniSpherica Productions Cecilia and Nick were introduced to VR/ 360° in 2015 and immediately recognized that 360° video could be an amazing format for the arts. They created OmniSpherica Productions soon after and have since gone on to create 360° videos with dancers from LA Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Clairobscur Dance, and USC/UCLA. Together they bring their diverse backgrounds of award winning TV production, theater, journalism, and science to create creating high-quality 360° video that combine technology and live action and meaningful experiences in media.

OmniSpherica Productions got started using multi-camera GoPro and Kodak PixPro rigs, and have since switched to using integrated cameras like the Z-Cam S1, Insta360 Pro and Odyssey. They will soon be beta testing the Thor camera from Absolute Zero – a professional 360 camera with 12 lenses and can capture 8K 60fps 360 video, or 6K 3D 360 video which would be ideal for capturing dance. Like the cameras, the software used to stitch and edit 360 video has improved dramatically over the past two years. Cecilia and Nick primarily use Mistika VR for stitching, along with Assimilate Scratch VR and FCPX for editing.

About Dance USA

Dance | USA 2018 is a convention for all dance professionals that include executive directors, artists, company manager, presenters, business development managers, and many others to network with other industry professionals. The event also includes workshops and guest speakers to further advance Dance | USA’s mission and values of inclusion, diversity, community and collaboration, audience development and preservation and legacy.

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