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The complete solution for creating and delivering immersive XR experiences

SPIN Studio is a powerful platform for creating, editing, and sharing immersive XR experiences. Backed by the cloud, our subscription platform brings new storytelling and interactivity capabilities to your XR project.

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Extend Reality


Overlay with
Augmented Reality

Add interactive graphics, instructional and informational information, and video assistance to a real-world environment.

Immerse with
Virtual Reality

Immerse viewers in interactive 180° or 360° video experiences they can watch on Oculus headsets, laptops, or phones.

Combine with
Mixed Reality

For viewers wearing mixed-reality headsets like Microsoft Hololens, combine virtual and augmented content.

“Ingenic” Creation
For New Medium

Create from within VR

Make professional branching and interactive XR experiences come to life through in-VR-headset XR creation.

Tell an engaging story

Add immersive 360° or 180° videos, interactive graphics, dynamic quizzes, and hotspots to spark viewer engagement within a scene.

3DOF or 6DOF, Your DOF

Build mixed-media scenes that augment, mix, or virtualize reality in both seated 3DOF and full body and head motion 6DOF.

XR Here, XR There, XR Everywhere!


It’s Headset time

Play and interact with cloud-delivered XR immersive experiences on Microsoft Hololens and Oculus VR Headsets.

Pan Away

Use your finger or hand-held device’s accelerometer to peer into virtual experiences.

“Pokémon-AR” Anywhere

Peer into augmented environments using iPhones and iPads.

Just Press Play

Playback on laptops or browsers using our 360°XR web-player, SPINXR.

Be Your Users’ Guide


Activate your
command center

Lead a group of users through XR experiences with complete playback control.

Know their status

See where your users are looking and monitor the health of their devices in one centralized hub.

Let Them Roam

Guide viewers through branching narratives that allows for self-discovery and team synchronization.

Your fleet at your attention


Cast from the cloud

Send XR content seamlessly to unlimited devices through the cloud.

Who’s the boss

Organize XR content, check statuses, and manage multiple devices from one account.

Go viral (Or not)

Control your content with custom distribution permissions using unique share keys.

Put it to the test

Learn from doing

Enable your trainees to practice and test their knowledge with quizzes, treasure hunts, and Q&As.

Adaptive narratives

Create custom decision-based branches that respond to user choices and interactions.

Capture user journeys

Understand each user’s actions and decisions as they experience your content; filter by time, device, and more.

Collect the results

Easily export CSV files of test responses and engagement data to your preferred LMS.

Restaurant Training in VR

Effortlessly Delivered Pixel Perfection

Industry Standard


Turn it up to 11

Saturate XR headsets at their maximum pixel resolution for the highest quality user experience available.

No Wait, Just Play

Reliably stream XR experiences from the cloud or download them to any device for offline playback.

Build Once,
Watch XR-Verywhere

Experiences scale seamlessly across VR and AR headsets, browsers, and mobile devices.

Built to Enterprise Scale

VR Planning Workflow

Organization is king

Organize your XR content using the cloud-based content management system with nested folders and easy filtering.

Ready when you are

Keep your XR content at your fingertips with easy browser based access no matter the device.

Be the captain

Centralized user management streamlines access control and activity reporting.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting


All in One Place

Upload and organize gigabytes of VR media directly from your camera, then tee up for editing and cloud sharing.

Workflow Built for VR

Auto-adjust horizons, orient, trim, and correct color space to ready your media for fine-tuning.

Seamless Stitching

Leverage parallel GPU processing to stitch all your shots, producing pixel-perfect composites every time.

Get SPIN Studio Lite for FREE or Pro for $3000/year

Pick your best fit plan.

Compare plan details or, get started for FREE with SPIN Studio Lite.


  • Free
  • All the features, in a bite size portion

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  • $3000/year
  • All the power to create and deliver XR

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  • Starting at $12,000
  • For large teams and organizations

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Pick your best fit plan.

Compare plan details or, get started for FREE with SPIN Studio Lite.


All the features, in a bite size portion

Let’s do this!
  • 10 Managed XR Devices
  • 1 XR Story and 10 XR Spins
  • 50GB Storage Capacity
  • Unlimited XR Share-Keys


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All the power to create and deliver XR

Everything in Lite +
  • 50 Managed XR Devices
  • 10 XR Stories and 50 XR Spins
  • 500GB Storage Capacity
  • Analytics & Engagement Profiling

$3000 USD/yr

Get Pro


For large teams and organizations

Everything in Pro +
  • Custom Managed XR Devices
  • Unlimited XR Stories and XR Spins
  • Custom Storage Capacity
  • Custom Analytics & LMS Integration
  • Custom Unique Viewer Profiles

Starts at $12,000/yr

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Media Management

  • 60 min/mo Encoding Allowance
  • Support for H264, H265, ProRes, DNxHD, Cineform, JPG, PNG
  • Spherical video formats (Mono, Stereo, 360/180, Custom FOV)
  • 1st Order Ambisonics Audio
  • Content-Aware Encoding Up To 8192px x 8192px media
Everything in Lite +
  • 300min/mo Encoding Allowance
Everything in Pro +
  • 1,000min/mo Encoding Allowance

XR Casting & Sharing

  • 2TB/mo Streaming Allowance
  • 10 Paired XR Devices for Fleet Synchronization
  • XR Streaming on Oculus HMDs
  • XR Streaming for iOS, Android, and Web
  • Download or Stream up to 5.7k resolution
  • Share Keys for instant One-Time Viewing
  • Content Offline Mode for secure sideloaded playback
  • Guided Viewing+Sync up to 35 users over a LAN
  • Custom gallery, logo, display names, and thumbnails for bespoke XR experience
Everything in Lite +
  • 10TB/mo Streaming Allowance
  • 50 XR Devices for Fleet Synchronization
Everything in Pro
  • Unlimited Streaming Allowance
  • Custom XR Devices for Fleet Synchronization
  • SPIN Play SDK and Source-Code for White-label apps

FX & Graphics

  • Available Elastic GPU-accelerated cloud rendering
  • Elastic-cloud 360 camera array Stiching
  • Elastic-coud RAW 3D-180 camera dewarp
  • Full golor grading & camera LOG/LIN/FLAT LUTs
  • LatLong, Diamond-Plane, and Cube-Map projection maps
  • Multiple-audio tracks processing & pairing
Everything in Lite +
  • 100 unit GPU & CPU Rendering Farm
Everything in Pro
  • Unthrottled GPU & CPU Rendering Farm

Ingenic XR Story Editor

  • In-VR native XR story creator for editing and interactivity
  • Cloud-based–edit anywhere, share anywhere without a PC
  • Sequence both linear and branching XR experiences
  • Add graphics and text with full 3d spatial-placement for VR and AR
  • Gaze, click, and time-based interactive triggers
  • Native XR text-editor
  • Mix scene-types: video, stills, AR-pass-through
Everything in Lite +
  • Optimized Publishing re-encoding
  • Low-latency interactions across video streams
Everything in Pro +
  • Questions & Quizzing
  • Custom Interactions
  • LMS integration

Enterprise Integrations

Not available
Not available
  • LMS integration
  • LRS integration
  • Single Sign On
  • Multi-user roles and administration