What is SPINXR? And Why Should You Use It?

SPINXR allows you to play immersive experiences on any device.

While playing 360° videos using SPIN Play on an XR headset is ideal, sometimes we need to watch the experience on our computer, tablet, or phone. With Pixvana’s spinxr.com it only takes one-click to stream your immersive experiences on whatever device is available to you, wherever you are.

SPINXR is crucial when you have a great 360° experience, but your client does not have access to an XR headset and wants to see the video. How does it work? You send them an email or a text message with a SPINXR link to your experience. They can open up the link and pan around the video on whatever device they received the link (iPhone, tablet, their desktop at home…) and interact with all the elements and modules you have added to the scenes. As a bonus, if they’re on their phone or tablet they can use their device as a magic window and physically pan their device to look around the 360° environment.

The ease of opening up an immersive experience on any device should not be understated. One of the great barriers of getting clients further invested in the power of XR is the lack of access to proper hardware, like a VR or MR headset. SPINXR breaks down this barrier and elevates existing devices and allows them to participate in these immersive experiences.

Most importantly, and this is worth emphasizing, the experience on SPINXR is exactly the same as it is on immersive hardware. The experience on the phone is not a dumbed-down version of the experience in an HMD. It is the entire plumage of the immersive experience and no corners are cut.

In a SPIN, Story, or with an individual asset, click “Share Via Web” to open the immersive experience in a spinxr.com window. This spinxr.com URL is shareable via email, text message, or any communication channel. You can also send the 9-digit share key separately to be entered manually on the homepage of spinxr.com.

Currently, the web has no universal infrastructure to send an immersive experience to another person. SPINXR is the closest thing there is if you want to seamlessly send a 360 video, with all the same interactive capabilities you can get with an in-headset experience.

Beyond simply sharing to one person via an email link, SPINXR allows you to embed experiences into your existing web pages. This may sound familiar because you can do this with YouTube links already! While YouTube and Vimeo certainly allow you to embed their videos into HTML webpages, SPINXR stands out in that it preserves the interactive elements in an immersive scene. With SPINXR a viewer can pan around the 360 scene and click on hyperports that bring them to another video in the Story, or allow them to interact with graphics in the world.

Suppose you want to send more than one video in a playlist? SPINXR has you covered. You can email a single, neat hyperlink that directs to a playlist of videos. Going back to our client example, you could send them a playlist, and with the easy to use UI they would have no issues navigating and experiencing the videos.

But, the best thing about SPINXR is that it requires no extra work to get going. All videos uploaded to SPIN Studio are automatically assigned a link which can be shared out. SPINXR just works. It makes the already great videos available on the Oculus Go, Quest, and Rift accessible through non-stereoscopic screens, which these days, are far more abundant.

Give SPINXR a shot! Go to spinxr.com and enter a share key. (Here is a sample playlist: QW4-7DY-MVP). Try it out with your own content in SPIN Studio Lite, and start sharing your XR experiences across all your devices today!


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