If you’ve uploaded XR video, it’s likely you’ve come up with a solution for long processing times: go out to lunch, take a walk, or, the classic, let it load overnight. Fortunately, those days are up: let us introduce you to Stacks.

Stacks taps into the power of cloud graphics computation to accelerate the process of managing and editing raw video clips, turning them into complete experiences no matter your audience. With Stacks, you can quickly upload your source footage and group them by shot. In cases where a long shot has been segmented into multiple video files, for instance, Stacks will automatically (and smartly) group them together based on the source file name.

In addition to convenient grouping, Stacks also helps you make quick edits. Simply upload source footage from a ZCAM K1 Pro or an Insta360 Evo, and SPIN Studio will dewarp and stitch them into playable equirectangular immersive videos. In other words, it’ll take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and deliver crisp, perfectly formatted videos. Ready for more? With Stacks, you can dewarp and stitch dozens of these videos at the same time using our cloud rendering platform. So, rather than being bottlenecked by an individual computer encoding videos one by one, you can render multiple videos with 100 CPU cores each. This means huge time savings compared to traditional one-at-a-time processing speeds: for reference, a laptop computer would work on one video at a time using a measly 6 CPU core processor.

But wait, there’s more! With the FX editor in SPIN Studio, you can also apply color grades or pre-built LUTs, as well as set in and out points to trim your clip. In the case of 180°stereoscopic footage, you can adjust the vertical lens alignment with pixel-unit accuracy and crop the lenses of a 180°VR camera out easily with a simple horizontal field-of-view adjustment.

All these features — increased processing speeds, auto-formatting, and quick edits — were purpose-built into our platform to empower video professionals to deliver high-quality content rather than fighting with uploading times and clunky, overcrowded processes. We’re inspired by the potential of XR media to change the world and know it’s only going to be possible with highly workable, efficient platforms. Stacks is a big leap in that direction.

Check out this link for an in-depth tutorial on how to use Stacks.


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