Creators and those who delivery content alike are after one main thing: a great experience for their viewers.  VR video is an especially difficult medium, because the tools we use to create VR reside are on a computer with a flat screen, a far cry from the in-headset experience that our viewers ultimately experience.  How can many viewers see the best version of my content? This question is best answered in the headset. Pixvana is doubling-down on native tools for VR.

In assessing the difference between a video encoded one way and another, many times these days we are relegated to starting up one video, pausing, possibly changing apps or headsets, and then seeing the next video.  This gap between seeing the A version and the B version makes it difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate the differences between the two. This is the very reason we created this widget in the blog post about compositor layer — while not native, at least you can see the differences side-by-side!

For the benefit of our community, Pixvana developed and released Swipe View in SPIN Play.  Originally developed as an internal tool for us to assess changes in our pipeline, we wanted to release it to you so you can see some of the differences yourself.  If your viewers have limited bandwidth, what are they seeing in the headset? What if they download it? Swipe View allows for 2 different kinds of comparisons:

1. Bitrate Ladder

Compare the different rungs of a bitrate ladder for streaming.  For this mode, add a video to your SPIN that has been encoded for streaming.  If you download the video, it will only play the version you downloaded, not allowing for comparison.

bit rate ladder swipe view

3 res - 0 res comparison

2. A/B Between Two Encodes

Compare different versions of the same video encoded with different codecs or projections.  For this mode, encode the video with two different codecs or projections in SPIN Play.

a-b swipe view

Swipe View is available in the Advanced tab of the SPIN Play Settings under LADDER and A-B, representing the modes above.

Once enabled, start playback of the first video in the gallery view of SPIN Play.  Simple instructions appear on the display HUD. Pause on a frame you would like to compare, and swipe right the capture the relevant frames.  Afterward, swipe up and down to compare. To continue video playback, just swipe left.

Let us know what you think!

Upload your own videos using Pixvana SPIN Studio, and download the SPIN Play app today, to use this feature!

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