This year marks the 75th year of the Venice International Film Festival and also marks the second year that the festival has incorporated VR into it’s lineup! In keeping with a similar theme from last year, the VR portion of the festival will be held on Lazzaretto Vecchio, a private abandon island about 50 meters away from the festival grounds – yes thats right a private island.  

The VR Theater will be equipped with 50 revolving leather seats in addition to various installations and stand up’s.  The lineup will include over 30 VR pieces, including four from the Venice Biennale College which is Venice’s talent development program. Every single piece in the competition this year is a world premiere or an international premiere.

Here is a sneak peak into some of the amazing content that will be featured in this years festival!


Crow: The Legend

Produced by infamous Los Angeles based VR studio, Baobab. This film tells the story of a gorgeous bird who is attempting to save its world by finding a way to stop the winter that brings doom to the only world it has ever known – a world that just needs a hero. Directed by Eric Darnell (Madagascar) and voiced by jaw dropping names such as Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, Constance Wu, Liza Koshy, Tye Sheridan, Sarah Eagle Heart, Randy Edmonds, Diego Luna. 

Crow The Legend Poster

Source: Baobab Studios

The Unknown Patient

This is an interactive experience based on a WWI true story of ANZAC solider George Thomas McQuay who was placed in an asylum with several other soldiers for 12 years. Live through his experience as he has completely forgotten everything about his identity and strives to figure out who he is and the years he has lost. Directed by Michael Beets 


An interactive piece done by Another World VR where you enter a horror experience connected to a short film about a little boy who disappears in a haunted house and it’s your job to find him. The closer you get to the little boy the scarier the experience becomes. To top it all off – the experience is actually scanned from real locations in Berlin and Brandenburg. Directed by Max Sacker and Loulia Isserils. 

Even in the Rain 

This piece is a memoir about Guillaume Ngbowesse, a Muslim man caught in the sectarian civil war in the Central African Republic. Throughout the memoir he is exploring his identity as a Muslim and the tense coexistence of revenge and forgiveness he has re-lived throughout his life. This piece is actually involved with a social psychology study that has been funded by Google and the University of Cambridge as a way to explore the efficacy of VR to reduce prejudice towards the CAR, a Muslim minority.

Even in the rain lindsay branham

Source: Submarine Channel 

1943 Berlin Blitz

This piece fully immerses you into the chaos of the bombing of Berlin at the height of WWII. This experience is shown through the eyes of BBC war correspondent Wynford Vaughan – Thomas. This experience takes you to the belly of a Lancaster bomber with the soldiers, the pilot and the BBC reporter whose actual real life audio track plays throughout the course of the experience. Directed by David Whelan and in partnership with BBC VR Hub.

1943 Berlin Blitz VR BBC

Source: Submarine Channel 

Half Life VR

This piece is a recorded performance of Sharon Eyal’s widely renowned dance performance Half Life. The dance was first preformed at the Royal Swedish Ballet in spring 2017 and then was brought into the immersive environment a few months later. Directed by Robert Connor in partnership with Robert & Robert Studios. 

Half life VR swedish opera dance vr

Source: Submarine Channel 

These are just a few of the amazing pieces that will be showcased at the 2018 Venice Film Festival this year and we can’t wait to see the response that these pieces get!

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