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We recently launched SPIN Publisher and SPIN Player, and we’re releasing our FOVAS technology as an open standard. Read about how we can up your video game.

Pixvana SPIN is a new creation and delivery platform for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR). We recently launched two of the delivery components that dramatically simplify VR publishing and streaming – SPIN Publisher and SPIN Player. We’re also releasing our field-of-view adaptive streaming (FOVAS) technology as an open standard to increase video quality and reduce bandwidth for VR video.



Getting Started with SPIN Publisher and SPIN Player


Pixvana SPIN provides striking value to VR video publishers by optimizing high impact content in a controlled viewing environment. Deliver distinctive immersive experiences to your audiences – no IT support required.

SPIN Publisher allows you to easily organize VR experiences. The streamlined interface lets you tag and sort media into channels, making it easy to group a few clips or program a whole film festival – encode and stream without complicated controls.

SPIN Player gives your viewers a customized video experience, across all VR headsets. Log in and tailor SPIN Player for your audience. With Kiosk Mode, you can lock down content for stores, film festivals, museums, and more.



Headset Agnostic Support


Whether you are creating VR video for marketing purposes or managing media for clients, Pixvana SPIN provides an intuitive system to quickly upload, manage, and push content to a range of audiences by targeting specific devices – from high-end PCs to mobile platforms (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, CV1, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and more).

Create branded experiences with our SPIN Unity plug-in, API, or reference web player that can be used in most major browsers including mobile phones.

With Kiosk Mode, stream or download content in a store or at a venue. Forget worrying about your audience mishandling devices or losing patience trying to find and start an experience.

  • Supported by all major HMDs
  • Stream with low delivery cost and improved experience
  • Customizable player interface
  • Deliver extremely high resolution files using Field of View Adaptive Streaming (FOVAS)\
  • Distribute to a variety of delivery channels (web, mobile, PC-based, console)
  • Limit wasted bandwidth – fraction of the cost of existing streaming VR video delivery



Maximize Resolution


Apps and services such as YouTube distribute 360 videos to VR headsets, but the images are typically blurry and soft. To provide great looking 4K video playback, a typical network bandwidth connection needs to be at 20Mbps. Streaming content to large audiences can be costly for businesses, typically at a rate of $0.10/GB delivered. Our field-of-view adaptive streaming (FOVAS) technology maximizes resolution and cuts bandwidth by breaking frames into individual tiled views.

FOVAS provides immersive VR experiences by making sure that images are sharp wherever the viewer looks while minimizing the pixels outside of your view. As you turn your head, we switch the tiled stream based on the new head angle. The projections, tiling and angles are defined and indexed in a simple descriptor file. We recently opened up this descriptor file, Open Projection Format (OPF), for adaptive streaming of VR video. OPF will provide the industry with a flexible VR video delivery format that truly improves the viewing experience and allow developers in the VR community to create their own optimized VR video encoding system.


Diagram of VR cameras, VR headsets, and Open Projection Format


We have delivered the equivalent of 12K resolution using our SPIN platform (“equivalent of” represents 12K quality to the specific field of view that is being consumed). 8K is the sweet-spot for VR content creators as this is the max resolution existing HMDs can present to the viewer. We can deliver the equivalent of 8K resolution with unnoticeable latency switching between Viewports (field of view tiles) on PC-based platforms, like Vive and Oculus (sub-250 milliseconds), and minimal latency on mobile (sub ~500 milliseconds). Delivery on PS VR will likely be similar to PC platforms, based on hardware capabilities.

Download our Pixvana SPIN Technology Preview on Steam and experience 10K streaming resolution on HTC Vive and Oculus.



Up Your VR Video Game


Sundance attendee playing a VR game

“Birdly”. © Sundance Institute | Ryan Kobane


The Pixvana SPIN VR platform benefits many diverse industries and businesses. Here’s just a few examples of how streamlining VR video delivery and improving user experience grows audiences, communities, and customers.


Film Festivals

Use Pixvana SPIN to manage and deliver state-of-the-art VR video experiences to your audiences. Upload VR media files to Pivana SPIN and organize content into program playlists. Select output resolution specific to your headset inventory and optimize your files with one-button encoding. Install Pixvana SPIN Player on your headsets, then use Kiosk Mode to lock down media without IT support. Stream video programs with high speed wi-fi or download content onto devices.


Media Companies

Reach new customers and build audiences with wide-ranging applications of virtual reality video: branded entertainment content, education, conferences, training, simulation and practice, data visualization, collaboration, in-store experiences, and more. With four delivery options, choose if the SPIN Player, Unity plug-in, reference player, or API is best for your business. Our plug-in enables developers to embed SPIN’s open source FOVAS-encoded playback into a custom application.


Performing and Visual Arts Organizations

There are a great many opportunities for VR video in the performing and visual arts. Provide extraordinary arts engagement with emerging technologies and educate new audiences. Museums can bring visitors inside of an artwork (ie, Dreams of Dali) or take them on a 360-degree exhibition tour with a curator. Performing arts and music organizations (ballet, symphony, opera, radio stations) can broadcast performances and events with virtual and augmented reality video. Transport viewers to center stage or offer glimpses into exclusive backstage and rehearsal spaces. Deliver crystal clear VR experiences to audiences around the world with Pixvana SPIN. 

Technology Preview highlight: KEXP in-studio music performance with The Flavr Blue



Virtual reality experiences can be a captivating branding tool for marketing, advertising, and digital agencies. Discover creative ways to generate far-reaching impact and viral responses with VR strategies such as: pop-up events, communicating brand mission statements, demonstrating product features and functionality, branded entertainment experiences, 360-degree social media content, customer education, and immersive journalism.


Sports Events

Redefine fan experiences of sporting events with virtual reality videos of football, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and more. 360-degree video can bring viewers into the middle of the action on a football field or into a locker room pep talk at a soccer game. At Pixvana, we’re partnering with sports industry leaders to produce projects that experiment with new applications of VR for sport.

Technical Preview highlights: Seahawks and Sounders footage



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