Pixvana is working together with VRIF to improve the quality of immersive video experiences.

We’re pleased to announce that we are now Associate Members of the Virtual Reality Industry Forum! As members of the VRIF we are now part of an alliance with leading VR companies and organizations that have similar goals surrounding the creation and delivery of high-quality immersive video experiences.

The VRIF’s mission is to further the widespread availability of high-quality audiovisual VR experiences, for the benefit of consumers. This resonates with Pixvana’s mission to realize the potential of XR storytelling and build futureproof software tools that support up to 16K resolution immersive video content. We’re thrilled to join VRIF’s growing community to help achieve this goal. The VRIF has a long list of members from a variety of spaces including, movie, television, broadcast, mobile, and interactive gaming industries. Expanding also to content creators and distributors, consumer electronic and professional equipment manufacturers as well as multiple technology companies.

The VRIF is not a standard defining organization, but rather they rely on and form alliances with SDO’s for the development of standards that will then be able to support VR services and devices. VRIF membership also allows for companies and organizations, like us here at Pixvana, to be able to have a greater influence with SDO’s in order to promote product development and solutions.

Pixvana VR image delivery

We look forward to continuing to strengthen XR quality with VRIF!

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