VR Video Cameras

VR Video Cameras are quickly becoming *awesome* and affordable

Very high-quality and affordable VR video cameras are available today, with consumer versions capable of 4k resolution priced in the $300-700 USD range, and Pro VR cameras starting at $3,000 USD.  Pixvana SPIN Studio is compatible with all of these cameras and can be integrated in your VR video production workflow to review dailies and editorial decisions, to build final client presentations, and to publish your final VR videos and VR video applications.

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VR Video Cameras

Here at Pixvana we work with many VR video cameras.  We recently conducted a VR Video Camera quality comparison test which examined the image quality that can be achieved using a variety of lenses and sensors, at both 8k and 4k resolution.  We’ve also written about the many factors that affect VR video image quality.

Below are some details about our favorite cameras.

Insta 360 Pro

The Insta360 Pro camera.

GoPro Omni VR Camera

The GoPro Omni camera.

Z CAM K1 Pro VR Camera

Z-CAM K1 Pro Camera

Yi 360 VR Video Camera

Yi 360

Z CAM V1 Pro VR Camera

Z CAM V1 Pro VR Camera

RED Cinema Camera VR RIg

Using 5 independent RED Weapon or RED Dragon cinema camera modules, together with the Canon 8-15mm lens at its widest field-of-view, this camera system is indicated of the highest quality capture systems available on the market today for 360 degree video capture.  The effective data rate of the 5 RAW camera recordings is cumulatively more than 1TB of data-per-hour of footage, and can be resolved to over 10k of resolution at 60fps.