Introducing VR Casting

The fast way to send 360/VR video directly to multiple headsets

Pixvana’s SPIN Studio “VR Casting” is the first-of-its-kind solution that lets anyone manage and distribute 360/VR videos to headsets.  Just like “casting” a video from your laptop computer to a Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you can now send immersive 360 VR videos directly from the cloud to multiple VR headsets.

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  • Organize and distribute anywhere from the cloud
  • Multi-platform support for leading headsets
  • Auto Play launches content automatically, ensuring your event runs smoothly


  • Program one video or an entire playlist
  • Add branding with 3D backgrounds and logos
  • Opt to stream content or download for local playback


  • VR cast to headsets anywhere in the world
  • Choose from streaming or local playback
  • Eliminate complicated menus and remotes

“Cast” immersive videos from the Cloud to any VR headset

Until now, VR distribution meant hours of tedious app development or awkward side-loading of large files onto multiple VR headsets.

Pixvana SPIN Studio allows you to directly connect your audience to your videos by “casting” playlists of immersive 360 VR videos to the free SPIN Play application. Now you can show your best work in 8K resolution with one-click casting, no coding required.

Customize Stunning Galleries

  • Select one video or create an entire playlist
  • Encode with industry-leading projection formats for 4K, 6K, and 8K masters
  • Brand content with robust galleries, logos, thumbnails, and custom 3D backgrounds

Streamline Device Management

  • Multi-platform support for playback on Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR and Oculus GO
  • Pair as many devices as you need
  • Launch content automatically for viewers with Auto Play mode

Reach Audiences Anywhere

  • Broadcast immersive video experiences to headsets anywhere in the world
  • Choose from streaming or local playback
  • Improve viewer experience by eliminating complicated menus and user error

Where to VR Cast

  • Share media with clients for review
  • Manage and deploy content at location-based entertainment installations
  • Showcase VR at events, conferences, tradeshows, retail experiences, and brand pop-ups
  • Conduct VR training for HR, safety, product, sales, and healthcare
  • Program an entire VR film festival!

Share your 360° videos with the world using SPIN Studio Lite for FREE.

  • Upload high-quality 360 video content to the cloud with straightforward drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Cast content to any number of VR headsets with custom share keys using SPIN Play.
  • Guide viewers throughout any VR experience for presentations and classroom environments with SPIN Guide.
  • View user session analytics to understand how different audiences are engaging with your VR content.