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Today marks the launch of Pixvana Education, a new initiative that puts the power of SPIN Studio creation and distribution software at the fingertips of emerging XR storytellers.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
– Albert Einstein

Pixvana Education supports VR learning programs through the donation of SPIN Studio to global partners, including colleges and universities, non-profits and charities, libraries and labs, museums, and other centers for art. The initiative grants free and easy access to the SPIN Studio suite of cloud-based, software tools for VR video production and delivery.

As VR continues to transform the way we communicate, and consume media, mission-driven organizations are poised to positively impact the future of immersive technologies. They are an essential element of the VR ecosystem that encourage critical innovation, aesthetic experimentation, and inclusion.

“The Pixvana Education program is helping to shape the future of immersive video by giving creative vanguards access to cutting-edge professional VR tools,” said Julia Fryett, Director of Partnerships at Pixvana. “By empowering the next generation of creative genius with the SPIN Studio platform, there’s really no limit to where VR storytelling can go.”


SPIN Studio for VR Education

Upon acceptance to the program, partners will receive a two-year license to multiple SPIN Studio accounts, with a value of $10,000 per year. Select organizations will also have the opportunity to participate as part of the early adopter program where they can pilot the newest SPIN Studio creation tools, including stitching and editing, and gain access to Pixvana educational webinars and learning events.



Available Now

Early Adopter Access

  • Easily manage and show VR video on multiple headsets in the classroom, lab, library, gallery, museum, and beyond
  • Support for leading headsets: Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus GO, Windows MR
  • Camera-agnostic stitching with auto-straightening and auto-exposure adjustment
  • Perfect horizons and color correct
  • Drag-and-drop interactive hotspots to tell complex stories with branching timelines


Launch Partners

We’re proud to announce our launch partners: Santa Clara University, University of the Arts London, XR Libraries, and members of the newly founded Washington XR Coalition including CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington, Reel Grrls, Northwest Film Forum, and Arts Corps.

“VR is a nascent medium that’s still being brought closer to the mainstream through efforts like Pixvana’s Education program,” said Dr. Stephen Lee, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Santa Clara University, which is using VR casting to exhibit student projects in their Imaginarium Lab. “Only by exposing students to the production tools of tomorrow and developing expert storytellers can the industry continue to drive forward. Pixvana’s program is not only a tremendous asset for our students, but for the VR community as a whole.”

“Having access to Pixvana’s SPIN Studio will give our students hands-on experience with the production and post-production tools used in today’s top professional environments,” said Ana Tudor, Course Leader MA Virtual Reality at the University of the Arts in London, where students will be utilizing SPIN Studio for stitching and editing content. “Pixvana’s technical capabilities and influence will certainly have a far-reaching and profound impact on the creative minds that are scripting the future of VR storytelling.”

“Pixvana’s Education program will help to galvanize the VR trade here in Seattle, strengthening our region as a hub for immersive storytelling,” said Elizabeth Scallon, Associate Director of CoMotion Labs at the University of Washington, a multi-industry startup lab. “We are excited about the future talent and innovation that can be created by this grass-roots involvement with the local VR ecosystem.”


How to Apply

Institutions, nonprofits, and charitable organizations that share in Pixvana’s vision of democratizing VR content creation are invited to apply by completing the online application or upon invitation from Pixvana.


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