The Melbourne International Film Festival will be hosting VR experiences again this year! The festival will provide two options for VR viewing: VR packages, where you are able to simultaneously watch the experiences with others, and stand alone experiences. The festival will run from August 2nd-19th. We have reviewed the list of amazing VR content being screened and wanted to share how far VR can take a user through their viewing experience.

Just some of the awesome experiences at MIFF this year:

Dinner Party VR Film

Dinner Party

Directed by: Angel Manuel Soto (USA)

Based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill, this VR film re-accounts the moment in 1961 in rural New Hampshire where the couple reported a UFO abduction. After their experience they sought therapy where they were put under hypnosis to try and make sense of their experience. Dinner Party re-visits those therapy sessions where Betty and Barney sit down and listen to their tapes.

my africa vr film

My Africa

Directed by: David Allen (UK)

Be transported to Africa through the voice of Oscar winner Lupia Nyong’o where the viewer is dropped into the middle of an Elephant Sanctuary that is owned and operated by the local community. Viewers are able to dive into the daily lives of the individuals who call this sanctuary and this community home.

Your Spirit Temple Sucks VR

Your Spirit Temple Sucks

Directed by: John Hsu (Taiwan) 

A comedy piece that follows the main character, Mr. Chang, through a personal journey of his very best attempt of sorting out his “Spirit Temple”. He seeks help from the “Thunder God” and hilariously dives right into trying to clean up his life.

Finding Haka VR Film

Finding Haka

Directed by James Hedley (UK/New Zealand)

An insiders look into the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. This documentary explores the various traditions and rituals of this community and the roots that have become embedded in this country.

Parra girls VR Film


Directed by Alex Davies, Lily Hibberd and Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)

The basis of this story begins with the Parramatta Girls Home, which was a state-controlled welfare institution that subjected the teenagers who were housed there to horrible abuse and unwarranted punishments. This immersive experience offers its viewers an abstract reconstruction of reality as a way to recreate the human memory through the stories and the real voices of the women who lived through these experiences.

Vestige VR Film


Directed by: Aaron Bradbury (France) 

This experience takes viewers into the mind of Lisa, a woman who is reminiscing about her lost love, Erik. As a viewer sifts through Lisa’s recollections of Erik, the actions that they make inside of the experience determine which memories will continue to resurface, and from there viewers learn the truth behind Erik’s shocking death. Each viewer will arrive at the moment of Erik’s death, but how they choose to navigate through the experience is completely up to them.

We are excited to see the reviews and responses from viewers on these amazing experiences! Tweet us or reach out on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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