VR Video Hotspots

Add interactive “hotspots” in your VR and immersive videos

XR is a medium where the experience of the user is presented as an “extended reality” from their point-of-view.  This is a unique perspective in which a VR video experience can convey empathy and presence in a powerful, immersive way that has never been possible with traditional forms of narrative film/video.

One of the clearest opportunities for innovation in the tropes and syntax used in VR video storytelling is to incorporate “hotspots”, a catch-all term that signals “a point around user interactions can be triggered”.  A VR hotspot might be a icon or graphic in the scene that suggests UI (user-interface) elements that can be interacted with, or even an invisible to the viewer area that when gazed upon or approached will activate new content.

Let’s consider some of the user-interaction capabilities of VR “hotspots”, and how they might be built during the editing and crafting of the experience.


Use Pixvana SPIN Studio to add interactive Hotspots to VR Video

Pixvana’s SPIN Studio includes a suite of story-creation tools that allow adding interactivity throughout a VR video experience.  Key among these is the ability to create and place “hotspots” throughout the experience.  Hotspots can be visual icons laid out spatially in a scene: you can change the size, position, and 3d depth–to create a dimensional sense of placement within a 3d scene.  Hotspots can also be tied to the viewers gaze-direction/placement, and make items appear, or trigger changes in the scene or sequence and timing of the videos in the experience.



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