Dailies and screenings of VR videos

VR video is a major advancement in film and video storytelling technology that requires new tools for reviewing and presenting VR videos inside of VR headsets.

Post-production teams, video producers, and their reviewers/clients regularly need to evaluate VR videos inside of headsets throughout VR video production.

Pixvana SPIN Studio is a cloud-based solution that manages all encoding and over-network delivery of your videos to any VR headset that you “pair” to your account

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VR video post-production dailies and reviews

  • Make sure your VR videos are easily reviewed and feedback is given against the *in-headset* experience in VR.
  • Avoid feedback from viewers using a browser or “magic-window” on a phone, which poorly approximates the experience of VR video as fully immersive medium.
  • Ensure that overall user perceptions of blocking, timing, color, and VFX and title work is evaluated as-will-be-seen by VR viewers

SPIN Studio is a complete solution for team and client reviews of VR Video

  • Collaborate on the fly, anywhere by managing all of your VR video clips with our cloud-based content management system
  • No more side-loading with a USB cable. Directly stream or over-network-download VR videos to HMDs like the Oculus Go
  • Reduce the time and money it takes to develop white-label apps, and instantly customize VR video environments for you or your client’s brandrall user perceptions of blocking, timing, color, and VFX and title work is evaluated as-will-be-seen by VR viewers

VR creates captivating experiences for your clients

  • VR creates captivating experiences for your clients
  • Communicate your vision to clients with greater clarity by putting them directly in the story
  • Provide VR professional services to generate more revenue for your company

VR Software for Video Production Companies

Dead-simple solution to present your production videos and dailies to a targeted audience of viewers using VR headsets for review/feedback.

  • Display VR content on multi-platform headsets through VR casting for Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR, and Oculus Go
  • Eliminate the complicated headset usability with auto play content
  • View high quality video with spatial audio

VR casting with SPIN Studio provided an easy way to accurately review the content that WunderVu created for SYFY Wire across platforms.

Matthew Chiavelli | SVP Digital, SYFY

Learn How

All you need is SPIN Studio, the SPIN Play app, and a headset.

  1. Create account
  2. Upload and organize media into playlists
  3. Download the free SPIN Play app on VR headsets
  4. Pair devices and start VR casting!

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