Learn how to make VR Videos

How to shoot, edit, and publish high quality immersive VR Video experiences

Use VR Video to engage your audience

VR Video is a completely new medium that presents unique challenges for capturing video, editing and post-producing video and audio, and mastering and publishing immersive VR experiences that can be viewed in VR headsets.  While VR Video is clearly built upon the rich ecosystem of cameras and software tools already available for traditional video, there are many unique-to-vr challenges, and opportunities to tell completely new kinds of stories.

In these articles we do deep-dives into the main themes of how to make, review, and publish immersive 180 and 360 degree VR Videos.  These articles are a great place to familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts and technologies in VR video and audio creation.  We balance concepts for both novices and experts alike, and offer ideas for further reading and learning.

VR Headsets

VR Headsets

Learn more about the many readily available, high-quality, affordable VR headsets on the market today, and how Pixvana’s SPIN Play VR application can be used to VR Cast videos from the cloud directly to your viewers.

VR Video Cameras

360 and 180 VR Cameras

An overview of VR video cameras and their key features, prices, and unique capabilities.

VR Casting

One-Click video Distribution to VR Headsets

VR Casting is a simple way to send VR videos and interactive immersive 360 experiences directly to multiple headsets without the need for side-loading or building custom applications.

VR Video Quality

Issues that affect VR video image quality

Many, many factors affect image quality of VR videos, which we review with examples in this article.

VR Video Stitching

Assemble multiple videos into 360 VR Video

All 360 degree and 3d videos require at least 2 cameras and as many as 20 or more, which then must be “stitched” together to form a single 360 degree video that is ready for presenting in VR.  Here is a list of popular VR video stitching software.

VR Hotspots

Interactive "hotspots" for interaction programming

VR storytelling opens up endless possibilities for putting the viewer at the center of the experience.  Hotspots can create branching narrative options, or interactive elements within a VR video.

What is XR

XR is an umbrella term for eXtended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) is a umbrella term that encompasses Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Reality mediums where the user is at the center of the experience.

VR Video Data Kits

Building a great VR Video Data Kit

VR Video productions require new production considerations: we review our tips for what tools and data to capture while on set.

VR Video Audio

Building a great VR Video Audio Capture Kit

VR Video productions require new production considerations: we review our tips for what tools to consider for capturing great VR Audio while on location.