Ok, let’s set the scene.

You are about to do an event with 50 headsets, which means one thing – downloading the content locally onto each headset.

So there you are, on your 7th headset waiting patiently while your Stories download onto the headset and dreading doing the same thing for the next 43.

Well, what if we told you that things are about to get a whole lot easier! 

Welcome to the world of streamlined fleet management! We are excited to introduce the most recent update to SPIN Studio, which includes fleet management, automated headset offline viewing preparation, color correction, media support, and so much more. Learn more about the features below and even better login to SPIN Studio and give them a go.

1. Streamlined Fleet Management – Auto-Download and Lock Mode

In the Devices tab, you can create custom device groups, track and sort device status, and toggle the automatic download and lock policies.

Wow, it is true what they say, hindsight is 20:20, and we have become increasingly aware that SPIN Studio needs fleet management desperately. So with that said, we have been working tirelessly to overhaul SPIN Studio’s download manager to streamline your device management process. With the new features you can: 

  • Easily create device groups and connect them to specific SPIN experiences. 
  • Set device groups to download videos when the devices boot up automatically.
  • Check whether your Spins are fully downloaded or not from inside SPIN Studio. 
  • Pick if you want to automatically put the devices in the device group in “Lock Mode,” which starts SPIN Play with a simplified user interface, designed to give first-time viewers a fast, hassle-free experience. 

So now that headset prep will take a few clicks instead of hours – what are you going to do with all that extra time?

2. Added support for Flat 2D videos

Turn ‘XR Projection’ off in the Library to display the video as a flat 2D projection.

You already know that you could upload any-degree immersive videos and photos. Now, you can seamlessly integrate your flat videos in SPINs and Stories and watch them in your headset or on spinxr.com.

3, Improved floating point color correction

Enter the FX editor from the Library and fine-tune the color of your video without worrying about destroying the image.

Our old FX editor allowed you could adjust contrast, brightness, and color temperature. Now, you’re able to make much higher fidelity edits using floating-point calculations, meaning there will be far fewer unwanted artifacts when you push color changes to the extreme. In other words? More control, higher quality.

4. In/Out Points

Set In/Out points using the Ingenic Editor in Create Mode. 

Does your clip have a bit of footage at the beginning or end you’d like to chop off? To expand the capabilities of the Ingenic Creator as a video editor, you can now set non-destructive in/out points on a per-scene basis. Now there is no need to go back to the desktop and re-export your video. Just adjust your in/out points, and you’re good to go! Read more about in/out points here.

Extra bits:

  • We put a new list view in the library to help filter and manage multi-media folders.
  • Encodes tracker at the top of the SPIN Studio toolbar, to give a birds-eye list view of all ongoing asset encodes.
  • The analytics tab now has a map view to see where people are viewing your experiences.
  • Enhanced video thumbnails allow you to scrub over thumbnails to play a preview. (This only applies to re-encoded videos or videos uploaded after September 19.)

Ready to give SPIN Studio a try? Head over to spin.pixvana.com to get started!

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