In this guide, Sticky–our friendly resident professor at Pixvana’s Pixel Academy–explains what “X-Reality” (XR) means and why we use it as an umbrella term for augmented, mixed, and virtual reality.

What is XR?

These emerging technologies present a remarkable challenge and an opportunity for creators to rethink the way we tell stories. XR imagines a fluid, storytelling medium that encompasses present and future terms that will develop as the industry evolves. There are many opportunities for video integration across the spectrum of VR, MR, and AR, and we can’t wait to see what you create with SPIN Studio.


Immersive technologies offer captivating ways to blend digital worlds with our physical reality. 

Soon, we will look around and no longer be able to distinguish between real and computer-generated images. Creators are reinventing cinema beyond the screen by bringing audiences inside of stories, quickly disrupting the media and entertainment industries. It can be confusing to keep track of all the different terms used to describe immersive experiences. Three hundred and sixty-degree video captures the entire spherical scene around a camera. This content is a great entry point into VR because it is easily accessible on social media platforms, web browsers, and free mobile apps. Augmented Reality is a technology that layers computer-generated images and text onto your view of the real world. Mixed reality is a category of augmented reality that blends interactive, 3D content with your environment. Virtual Reality is a fully immersive experience inside of a headset that surrounds you with an entirely new world. At Pixvana, we use “X-Reality” as an umbrella term to describe how these technologies will merge into a fluid, storytelling medium. The “X” represents a question mark that asks creators to innovate and re-imagine the stories we tell.  XR encompasses terms used today and new terms that will be coined as more headsets and cameras come to market. We have begun our journey into the XR frontier by developing software for 360-degree and VR video, but we won’t stop there. We’ll expand our toolset as technologies for volumetric imaging and light fields become available. Pixvana’s mission is to enable creators to realize the potential of XR storytelling. Our cloud platform SPIN Studio provides accessible tools for XR video creation and delivery. X marks the spot, opening up our adventure to imagination, curiosity, and independence.


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