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Eugene Capon has been making waves as a film director, VR Evangelist, and co-founder of Seattle VR startup ensoVerse. We talked to Eugene about his first VR film, which screened at the Seattle International Film Festival, his future plans, and why he uses SPIN Studio to distribute his work on Steam.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us about your work! Will you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into VR?

The Evergreen State College has a build your own curriculum program through which you work towards a liberal arts degree. I studied filmmaking, animation, and online marketing during my two years there (thus Youtube Studies was born). I transferred my credits from Everett Community College, where I received dual associate’s degrees in Fine Arts and Technical Design.

You do a lot — you’re a motion designer, VR evangelist, YouTuber, and VFX filmmaker. What kind of 360 content do you create? Are there particular projects that you’re excited about sharing in the future?

You make being me sound very tiring! Journey VR is just my first Virtual Reality film: now that it’s on Steam I can move onto my next one, which is titled “A Midnight Visit.” It’s actually a VR remake of a flash film I did years ago that I submitted to Newgrounds. It took their 5th place daily value award and I’ve received a ton of great feedback on it over the years. For the VR version, I’ve gathered a small team including Adrian Ladelia, who did the music on Journey, and motion designer Topher Welsh. We hope to have the film done next year.

I’m also doing a weekly live stream called “Evening Coffee: Talk and Art” on YouTube during which fans join me and we work on VR projects together. Currently, we are building the first level of Mario Bros as a 360 video.

Both of those projects sound exciting — we’re looking forward to experiencing them!Journey VR is launching this week on Steam. Tell us about the process behind creating and sharing that film?

I have 10 years of experience as a motion designer. Adobe After Effects is the main tool I’ve used for pretty much all my commercial work. Using a couple of plugins with AE, I was able to build massive 3D structures and easily animate them. The most time-consuming aspect of the pipeline was actually the render time. I had to render it out twice and each time it took 70 hours!

screen grab from Journey VR

Eugene Capon. Still from Journey. 2017.

How did you learn about Pixvana? Why did you decide to use SPIN Studio?

As a VR Evangelist, it’s my job to keep tabs on the community as well as the companies trying to change how we use VR. When I found Pixvana and learned how you could export 360 content to Steam, it was a no brainer to connect with you. Using SPIN Studio gave me an easy way to export my projects. I plan on using SPIN Studio again when my next film goes to Steam.

Why is it important for you to be able to distribute your work on Steam?

Thanks to Steam, I can now receive revenue for my work.  This will help me fund my next film, which will help fund the one after that and so on. Having a distributed film also reinforces my role as a film director rather than an artist with a filmmaking hobby. There are very few platforms that act as rental services that will pick up short animated films like mine. Being able to work with Steam is a blessing.

Congratulations on getting Journey published on Steam. Where all can our readers find your work?

You can watch Journey VR on Steam — the trailer’s on YouTube — and you can join me on my live stream. Also, if you google my name, you’ll find two pages of links to my work. If you need to get a hold of me or have any questions, my Twitter is the go-to.

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About Eugene Capon

eugene capon headshotEugene Capon is a film director and VR Evangelist hailing from the Pacific Northwest. He went from entering the VR space to taking over the Twitch Stage Live to spread the word of VR in less than a year. He draws from his background as an art director to create stunning VR experiences and present entertaining talks on the subject of social VR. Eugene is also a co-founder of the Seattle VR startup ensoVerse at the UW CoMotion Labs and a former VR talk show host of Altspace’s Glitched.




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