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What does King Kong have to do with Pixvana? Read on to find out about our company mission, vision, and values.

We collaborated with Killer Infographics to visualize our ambitious company mission, vision, and values. They created a stellar infographic that is dotted with fantasy and sci-fi scenes – symbolic of our collective imagination and the non-existent boundaries of what XR storytelling can achieve.

On the left side of the poster is a giant King Kong head. Pixvana CEO Forest Key explains the significance of this iconic gorilla:

“King Kong was a cinematic masterpiece that used very new, advanced technology for the time to tell the story of people on a journey to film King Kong. I find this to be emblematic of Pixvana because we too are using new, cutting-edge technology and we’re on a journey through the fog to discover how to improve and best use this technology. Like the adventurous film crew at the center of the story of King Kong, we don’t know exactly what we’re going to find on our journey–that’s what so exciting and energizing, the limitless potential of XR storytelling.”

King Kong on empire state buildingCitizen Kane StillMelies


Killer Infographics was thrilled by the final product as well, with Josh Miles (Creative Director, Killer Infographics) saying, “We had a blast working with Forest and his team coming up with concepts that harkened back to the golden age of Hollywood while also pointing forward to the possibilities of VR storytelling. As illustrators, we couldn’t ask for a more exciting and fun subject matter. We spent a lot of time sketching out our ideas in Photoshop and refining what we wanted on each piece of the triptych and working through how they fit together.”

About Killer Infographics

Killer Infographics is devoted to spreading knowledge through visual communication. With a diverse array of customers and a killer team, they work towards a common goal to delight, inspire, and connect with any audience in the most visually stimulating and engaging ways possible. They do this through an end-to-end service that includes ideation and promotion in tandem with the creation of static infographics, motion graphics, interactive designs, and multimedia experiences that seek out new frontiers of visual narrative.

Pixvana Panoramic Poster

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