This year’s SIFF VR Zone presents a far-reaching selection of immersive and interactive storytelling from local and international filmmakers.

SIFF VR Zone Guide

Proudly powered with Pixvana SPIN Studio VR Casting, the SIFF VR Zone gives fans of all ages 90 minutes to explore over two dozen immersive experiences from filmmakers around the world. Inspired by the remarkable growth of the VR industry in Seattle and beyond, SIFF offers fans the opportunity to explore personal narratives, indescribable triumphs, love stories, music videos and more.

Get ready to be transported into some of the most unique and creative places on earth, and immerse yourself in the midst of stories that will entice you till the very end.


SIFF VR Zone Trailer created by WunderVu, Pixvana’s XR Studio


The SIFF VR Zone will run from May 18th through June 10th in the Pacific Place shopping center. General Admission: $25. Member Admission: $20. Admission includes a 90 minute time slot to explore over two dozen VR and 360 Video Experiences.


Featured SIFF VR Zone Films

Queerskins: A Love Story

Directed by: Illya Szilac and Cyril Tsiboulski. This cinematic VR experience puts you in the backseat of a vintage Cadillac behind Ed and Mary-Helen as they journey down a Missouri country road to the cemetery where their estranged son Sebastian is buried. The interactive installation is a three dimensional story that features memorabilia from Sebastian’s life as well as photos of past participants posing with objects that speak to their own personal stories of love and loss.


Where Thoughts Go


An intimate social virtual-reality experience, Where Thoughts Go is set in a world where all human thoughts exist as sleeping creatures, each holding a voice message left by a previous visitor. As they awake, they reveal the dreams, experiences and fears of other people-and give the participant the opportunity to leave their own for others to find.



Epic Snowday Adventure




Epic Snowday Adventure is a VR single-player arcade-style challenge where the player competes with neighborhood children in a neighborhood-wide snowball fight! The player must play hard, doing everything from building snow minions to assist in the battle, building epic snowballs that become alive with swirling energy, and unlocking different teleport zones to always stay one step away from the neighbors.


World One



By using the hand controllers, the viewer can fly/float/drift through the world. The retail version of World One contains a “high resolution” in-game camera (on the RIGHT controller) which allows users to take “snapshots” of interesting compositions, much like one would do while visiting an exotic location.



Uplight VR: Maiden Flight

Directed by: Julia Jackson & Larry James. While launching into the heavens on a balloon ride’s experimental flight, you find yourself overlooking a wondrous land calling out to be explored. During your descent from the clouds to the grounds below, you get the feeling that this could be just the beginning of a series of grand adventures.



Mono: Blackwater

Directed by: Ben Wolstenholme. Mono, the former assassin to the queen and legendary ape-man, returns from exile only to learn he has a daughter taken captive by the Fold – a shadowy syndicate from his past. As the cinematic story unfolds, you take control of Mono as he leaps into action to infiltrate the Fold’s Arctic lair.




Directed by: David Liu & Rob RufflerAeronaut is one of the first music experiences to feature a hologram created with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture. This technology was used to capture Billy Corgan’s performance in volumetric video, while incorporating innovative technologies from Google and Unity.



Greenland Melting

Directed by: Catherine Upin & Nonny de la Pena. Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster and faster. In this cutting-edge virtual reality experience created with photogrammetry, videogrammetry, CGI and 360 video, people can have the experience of being in Greenland.




Sun Ladies VR


Directed by: Celine Tricart & Christian Stephen. In 2014, ISIS invaded Iraq and targeted the Yazidi community. The men were killed, and the women taken as sex slaves. Some of the women who escaped started a female-only fighting unit called the Sun Ladies to bring back their sisters and protect the honor and dignity of their people.



The Journey

Directed by: Chad and Charlotte Mikkelborg. Meet 3-year-old Amina in the distant ‘Afar’ region of Ethiopia, trying to find enough food and water to survive during the worst drought in 30 years; 10-year-old Changkouth, living in conflict-ridden South Sudan, trying to get an education and avoid being recruited as a child soldier, in the country with the highest proportion of out-of-school children in the world; and 18-year-old Mani in Chad – ostracized by her community because she is living with HIV, but determined to change minds and using social media to rally support.


Sanctuaries of Silence

Directed by: Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee. Silence just might be on the verge of extinction and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton believes that even the most remote corners of the globe are impacted by noise pollution. In Sanctuaries of Silence join Hempton on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.



Tapestry 360

Are You Yeti for It? dir Alexi
Fairy Tale dir Layla Alameda
BUD-E dir Luka Allen
The Stranger dir Jocelyn Aynew
Isolation dir Ariana Fiol
Perspective dir Aarushi Sahai
Dreams dir Ayanna


Dreaming in Za’atari

Directed by: Zahra Rasool. In this immersive VR film by Contrast VR and World Vision, Dreaming in Za’atari: Stories After Syria, takes you into the worlds of Mahmoud (15 years), Tabarak (16 years) and Najat (16 years), exploring their hopes and dreams for the future through animations that transform the spaces around them. The documentary is narrated by “Game of Thrones'” Liam Cunningham, former UN Ambassador Dr. Alaa Murabit, and former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark.


7 Stories for 7 Years

Directed by: Zahra Rasool fled Syria when he was 9 years old, Najat when she was 11. They, like many other Syrian teenagers, have grown up far away from home. In this immersive VR documentary with Contrast VR and World Vision, we see the interwoven stories of seven young Syrian teenagers living in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan, as narrated by “Game of Thrones'” Liam Cunningham. Comprised of intimate footage shot by the Syrian teenagers themselves, the documentary brings you into their worlds as they share their hopes, dreams and challenges


Homecoming: Seduction

Directed by: Lance McDaniel. Homecoming: Seduction uses the language of dance to explore the challenges of avoiding addiction, the emotional rush of using, and the inevitable crash that always follows.




WonderTek Labs: The Posies: Unlikely Places

Directed by: Nathaniel Luke Pinzon & Kim Voynar. Shot in 2016 at Theory Labs in Los Angeles, this 360 music video for Seattle indie music icons The Posies explores grief and loss abstractly through music, words, and layers of imagery that evoke the sense of wandering through intersecting memories of love and loss.



Unraveled – The Future of Music with Virtual Reality and 360 Media 

Directed by: Yao Wang. ICTUS’s new release Unraveled is an ocean of repressed and unleashed emotions. It exists in an uncontrolled mental space, where your subconscious is fighting to see the light. Every single element of the composition is tailored to this feeling. The lead singer and writer of the lyrics, Sherry Li, sings at a steady tempo representing one’s restrained and logical self. Underlying it, the surrounding choir’s rubato chant tides us to the surface of our greatest fears and most heartfelt desires.



Directed by: Lester Francois. Rone is a distinctive portrait of the titular street artist, whose stunning large-scale portraits of women’s faces can be found adorning soon to be forgotten spaces, acting as a commentary on gentrification and the masculine realm of street art. The 360′ film and interactive VR art gallery takes the viewer inside Rone’s world: we follow him into the rarely-explored spaces in which he works (an abandoned paper mill, a house set for demolition, a crumbling theatre), and learn about his unique philosophy on art and life.


Everything Flows

Directed by: Yumeng Du. Returning to the hometown after year’s absence, the Director experienced a strange and overwhelming journey. Everything has changed or distorted beyond recognition. It’s like feeling homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. However, the memories are still vivid. That’s where she had her first life lesson and where everything began.



Space X Girl

Directed by: Minhyuk Che. Space x Girl is story about a girl and her space. The girl has a unique sense of feeling the emotion of the space. One day her home invites her into strange and familiar rooms that remind her nostalgias.




Summation of Force

Directed by: Narelle Autio, Trent Parke & Matt Bate. An immersive study of the motion, physics and psychology of elite sport, this virtual reality artwork is cosmic, surreal and darkly beautiful. Created by internationally renowned photographers Trent Parke (Magnum) and Narelle Autio with their sons Dash and Jem, in collaboration with filmmaker Matthew Bate (Shut Up Little Man: An Audio Misadventure), Summation of Force uses sport as a metaphor for life itself.


The Cabiri: Anubis

Directed by: Bogdan Darev & Fred Beahm. At the banks of the Nile River, in ancient Egypt, a man mourns his beloved wife. When the man finds himself in the underworld he is attended by the serpent daughter of Anubis, who gets him ready for judgment. Will the dead man’s heart be light and allow his soul passage into eternal paradise? Or will the weight of life’s trials be heavy upon his heart, drawing his soul down into the jaws of the beast who eats the hearts of those disallowed passage?


Let This Be a Warning

Directed by: Jim ChuChu (“The Nest Collective”). A group of Africans have left the Earth to create a colony on a distant planet. They respond with disquiet to the arrival of an uninvited guest.

Nairobi Berries

Directed by:  Ng’endo Mukii. Two women and a man wrangle. Each must hollow out the other’s core for fruits promised but only ever borne in dreams. A poetic symphony on Nairobi.

The Other Dakar

Directed by: Selly Raby Kane. A little girl is chosen to discover the invisible Dakar. The Other Dakar  was made with these two ingredients: accident and pro-action with the underlying aim to contribute to the rebrand of an understated city. For herself, Africa and the world. Art and technology are strategic assets to transform the daily Dakar experience.


Space Explorers: A New Dawn

Directed by: Felix Lajeunesse & Paul RaphaëlSpace Explorers: A new Dawn is a cinematic VR series about the new age of space exploration. Witness the lives of NASA astronauts as they navigate the trials and sacrifices of their training and missions. Space Explorers: A new Dawn  will shine a light on mankind’s most ambitious journey to understand our planet, our universe and our origins.

The Visgoths 

Directed by:  Rory Mitchell. The Visigoths is an intense romantic drama that puts you feet away from a young couple falling in love. It is a powerfully intimate experience of the fragility and hope of new love, bringing you onto the island that two lovers create for themselves, where only they can go – because only they know the way


Directed by: Nathalie Mathe. What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis? UTurn is an immersive live-action VR comedy where viewers get to experience both sides of the gender divide in tech.



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